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June 2011 A Yoga Trek around Taipei
July 2009 Social, cultural npk彩票etworking with ladies touch rugby
June 2009 Neihu MRT
May 2009 Golden Harvest Awards Film Festival&#pk彩票8739;Lan Lin Theater's 30th Anniversary2009 Compass Taichung Int'l Food & Music FestFair Trade - What Taiwan pk彩票Can Learn from Rwanda (Part 2)
Apr. 2009 Vie Show IMAX Cinemas Taipei Sun | Fair Trade - What Taiwan Can Learn from Rwanda (Part 1)
Mar. 2009 Exploring Kenting & riding in the wind | Getting to the top of Jade Mountain....just like that! (Part 3) |
Feb. 2009 Getting to the top of Jade Mountain....just like that! (Part 2) |
Jan. 2009 'Smokey Joe's Cafe' brings a Broadway legend to Tapk彩票iwan | Australian Wine Expert Mr. James Halliday Opens Your Mind to Australian Wine | Getting to the top of Jade Mountain....just like that! (Part I) |
  *November artist--pk彩票Ben McCaffrey *December artist--Sophie Lee
  *September artist--David Cornberg *October artist--Charles Haines
  *July artist--Rebecca M. Logan *August artist--Daniel Desjardins
 pk彩票; *May artist--Todd Hackwelder *June artist--Elisabeth Munsterhjelm
  *March artist--Stuart Hambpk彩票y *April artist--Joanne Chu
 pk彩票; *January artist--Timothy Nathan Joel *February artist--David Stig Hansen
Nov. 2008 Unknown Taiwan | Miaoli's 2008 Blooming Persimmon Season |
Oct. 2008 Halloween in Hong Kong | A unique weekend: Explore shopping, dining and nightlife in Singapore |
Sept. 2008 Kayaking |
July pk彩票 2008 Eslite Bookstore, where function meets art | Southern Taiwan's Industrial Heritage | "American Voices" performances showcase Taiwanese/ American dance collaboration |
June 2008 2008 Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival | The 10th Taipei Film Festival | Clean Billiards Square |
May 2008 Summer Swank |
Apr. 2008 From NYC to Taichung: A modern dance partnership ''Moves the Spirit'' |
Mar. 2008 2008 Spring Lumpia Festival | Taiwan Folk Arts Museum |
Feb. 2008 2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) | New Year's Destinations in Taipei |
Jan. 2008 Tienlai Hot Springs Resort |
Dec. 2007 2007 Taipei International travel Fair | It's snowing in Miaoli | Taipei Public Library (Beitou branch) | True Dance - True Yoga (3rd Branch) |
Nov. 2007 Ice Skating/pk彩票 Hockey | The Beauty of Checheng |
Oct. 2007 A Film Festival Feast: 2007 Golden Horse Offers a World of Film | Unrivalled mix of global, local jazz talent descends on the Taichung Jazz Festival | Go Karting
Sep. 2007 Affordable Fashion Paradise Wufenpu | For the love of puppets! | Taiwan Storyland |
Aug. 2007 Tpk彩票aipei Quyi Tuan | Kazakhstan's Whirlwind Horse Acrobatics Carnival celebrates its 20th Anniversary at Tsou Ma Lai Farm |
Jul. 2007 Water Activities | Odd Museums |
Jun. 2007 May Snow in LongTan & the Search for Tung Blossoms |
May. 2007 Clean Billiards Square | Xian Jen Ho's - Chinese drum arts |
Apr. 2007 Lazer Treks | Enjoy the pleasure of lazy yoga at Thai Health Spa ! | Bao An Temple |
Mar. 2007 The Swami Salami School of Yoga |
Jan. 2007 A Fort Tells Its Story: News Flashes From A Dutch Past |
Nov.2006 National Taiwan Junior College of Performing Arts |
Oct. 2006 FuHe Bridge Flea Market | Taipei Wifly Broadband Network | 7-Eleven | 2006 Yingge International Ceramics Festival An Adventure in Ceramics Land |
Sep. 2006 Past and present at Treasure Hill | Restoring glory to SanXia Old Street |
Aug. 2006 Guandu |
Jul. 2006 A Quick Get-Away: BiTan | Taiwan Storyland |
Jun. 2006 Fresh Art 3 Contemporary Taipei Galleries | La Chaine des Rotisseurs: Taiwan's growing circle of gastronomes | The Swami Salami School Of Yoga |
May. 2006 Space Yoga Tien-Mu | Taiwan ghost stories: Xinhai tunnel |
Apr. 2006 Taipei House (Spot Cinema) |
Mar. 2006 Horse Riding | Discovery Center Of Taipei |
Feb. 2006 Frozen Frolics at The Ice Bar | Hey pk彩票 Song Pavilion |
Jan. 2006 TRUE YOGA | MRT Adventures: Yuanshan | Weekend Flower and Jade Market |
Novpk彩票. 2005 Second-Run Movie Theatres |
Oct. 2005 JIN BAO SHAN: Last resting place of songbird Teresa Teng |
Aug. 2005 Comics Are Standing Up in Taipei |
Jun.2005 Meng Chia Park- Bringing Beauty Back to Wan Hua | Yangmingshan Weekend Hiking: A great bonding experience for family and friends |
Jan. 2005 Arabesque Belly Dance Troupe - Merging Dance and Culture | Forehead Mountain |
Dec. 2004 Cpk彩票amping on Yushan's Doorstep: Tatajia | The 2004 Taipei Biennial :"Do You Believe in Reality?" | Love so deep - Taiwan Dr. Dog | Crome Relic's Glam-Rock Revival |
Nov. 2004 River Tracing in Wulai | Visiting pk彩票 the home of a master: Lin Yutang's House | A Shortcut to | Moonlit Magic: 'Round Midnight |
Oct. 2004 Reiron | Taipei Northern Hakka Culture Hall (Hakkpk彩票a Theater & Music Hall) | Glimpsing the mysterious Emperor's Jade Shroud |
Sep. 2004 An Amis master keeps bamboo beauty alive |
Aug. 2004 Finding The Best Swimsuit | West Coast Wind-Surfing | Body Buddy |
Jul. 2004 2004 Men's Summer Fashion | Five Hours On Green Island | Taipei Site Maps | The 2004 International Drum Festival |
Jun. 2004 Spk彩票hung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines | Evening pk彩票 Wear: Let's Jazz It Up! | Getting Close To Nature: Whale Watching | Free Hotspots for Wireles Internet Connections In Taipei |
May. 2004 Puppets Speak and Perform---Children's Puppet Theater | Summer 2004 Trend Watch: Optimism | Modern Fire Dance: Playing with Fire at the Oranpk彩票ge Cafe |
Apr. 2004 Party Dress | Tips for Being a DJ | An Interview With Lee Xin: At The Turn Of Life--Flamenco | Cross-Talk: The Art Of Laughing |
Mar. 2004 Summer 2pk彩票004 at a glance: Color trends | Tpk彩票aipei goes green on St. Patrick's Day | Global theater at the "Shpk彩票ow Wen I Tung" International Theatre Festival | International Dajia Festival Celebrate Matsu's birthday |
Feb. 2004 Bohemia sweeps through Taiwan | The Ultimate Beauty Of Eastern Women--Belly Dancing |
Jan. 2004 Jiaosi Hot Springs Festival | 2004 Spring And Summer Purse Trends | KamikaSze Frozen | Exploring the Pyramids: Ancient Egyptian Art from The Louvre
Dec. 2003 On The Trail Of Lin Shao-Mao, The Last Outlaw | A Nostalgic Tribute to the 20th Century: Part 2 | Juming Museum |
Jul. 2003 Shi-san Hang Museum of Archaeology-- how they used to live | Legend Lin Dance Theatre | Theatre Group of Creative Society,Sailing in Taiwan |
Jun. 2003 Rockclimbing | The Human Condition-Green Light Theatre | POP Cinema is not your ordinary movie theater | Cao pk彩票 Shan Xing Guan | Dalongtong Bao An Temple |
May. 2003 Flamenco spices up Taiwan's entertainment menu | Beijing Culture & Humanities--Tea House | The Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation revives The Red Playhouse | King of the World at SongShan Nature Reserve |
Apr. 2003 Taipei Museum of Drinking Water | Karting Mania in Taipei County | The Dance King--Jose Greco Flamenco Dance Company | The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra | Indian Civilization--Art Exhibition |
Marpk彩票. 2003 Off Performance Workshop | The Eyeball Loves the Globe | Streams of Encounter-electronic media based artwpk彩票orks | Xi Xia Vibes ¡V NingXia Dance Group |
Feb. 2003 Thalie pk彩票 Theatre Company | Moscow City Ballet | Spring Theater - &quopk彩票t;Love has no rhythm or reason" | Beauty from the sea |
Jan. 2003 Moscow City Ballet | Tekk Tribe Art Project | Present Century¡¦s Dance Group No. 6 Production "Jin" (well) | Hey Song Pavilion |
Dec. 2002 Breeze Center' Close Up Portraits of the Dawu | Edpk彩票ge Roundup'Discovering Taiwan's indigenous culture in the heart of Taipei |
Nov. 2002 Alt Feature | Culture Bites | Edge Roundup | Revitalizing Taiwan's Traditional Arts |
Oct. 2002 Culture Bites |
Sep. 2002 The Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art | Miniatures Museum of Taiwan | Culture Bites | Alt Roundup |
Aug. 2002 " Maya: Mysteries in the Jungle" | Taipei Art Village | Culture Bites | Alt pk彩票 Bites |
Junpk彩票. 2002 Getting wet and wild at Taiwan's water parks | The Toa-Thiun-Thian Puppet Centre | A tribute to Max Liu |
May 2002 Back pk彩票 in the saddle again | The Taipei New Century Cultural Arts Group | Director Tsai Ming-Liang |
Apr. 2002 The Birthplace of Taiwan Beer | 2002 International Theatre Festival | The Novel Dance Series 2002-Women in Action |
Mar. 2002 Stepping up to the plate in Taipei | Yangmingshan pk彩票 Night Life | ArtseeHouse | Chamber Orchestra of the Emporda |
Feb. 2002 Yinko Ceramics Museum | Advanture Kanyak Club | Interwiew with Winds Records General Manager Ken Yang |
Jan. 2002 The Taipei Animals | Museum of World Religions | Matthew Lien |
Dec. 2001 Taipei's Favorite Hot Spring Retreat | The Typhoon Hockey Club | Interview with Biung |

What's New Locations From Past Issues:

Jun. 2003 :Cao Shan Xing Guan

May. 2003 :
The Metropolitan Hall, Third Floor Onion

Apr. 2003 :Goddess of Mercy Temple-Lui-Dau-Tamshui, Museum of Thirteen Hung,Lucky House

2003:Seagaia Hot Springs and Hotel

2003: ICON pk彩票 Spa Exclusively for Men , Shin Shin Cinema City (SSCC) , The Yuanshan Villa

Jan. 2003: Discovery Center of Taipei

DEC. 2002:
A Pa Art School' Da Ban Gen Vacation Village , Shui Mei Hot Springs HostelSPOT Taipei Film House

. pk彩票2002:
Taipei pk彩票 City Residents' Convenience Service Center , Kuo Yuan Ye Cake and Pastry Museum

Sep. 2002:pk彩票
Beautiful Life E Spa Center ,Nang Kong Tea Museum

Jul. pk彩票2002:

Jun. 2002:
Red Castle in Hsin-Men

May 2002:
Feng Xi Tang New Year Chinese Paintings, Les Suites Taipei (Ching-cheng Branch)

Apr. 2002:
The Westin Taipei, Dah Kuang Palace

Mar. 2002:
New City Gallery, National Taiwan University Sports Center

Feb. 2002:
Cloud Gate Dance Studio, Hanart, World Museums Shop

Jan. 2002: Alexander Health Club (WTC Branch)

Dec. 2001: Museum of World Religions, Pacific Business Center

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