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Taichung Jazz Festival Artist Spotlight: Eddie Gómez

Modern and traditional jazz encompasses a broad range of musical instruments, performers and styles. However, one of the most enduring images is that of the double bass player, embracing this giant instrument to produce its deep, soulful voice. ---[ more ]

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Taichung Jazz Festival Artist Spotlight: Eddie Gómez

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> Neonpk彩票/ EXIT > Chalaw Passiwali/ Chalaw Passiwali > PunkHoo/ Life & Live > Mr. Mouth > 88 Balaz/ 44 Stone Lions > The White Eyes > The Money Shot Horns > Natural Q/ Breaking out of the Cocoon > 929 Band/ Maybe Like Stars > 1976 Band/ This Planet > Wu Bai & China Blue/ Space Bomb
> Jelly Bean/ I like it, sister. > Orange Dolls > B.B. > Koopk彩票k > The Chairman/ Jin Ei Ah Gey Ei !? ("Is it for real?") > Red-I and The Riddim Outlawz > The Tribe of West Africa > U.TA > FIRE E.X/ Let's GO! > Public Radipk彩票o > Sugar Plum Ferry/ Thank You For Reminding Me
> The Legends/ Public Radio > Jazz Code > Big Brass Balls > Nylas > Chasing Sparrow > Da Bone > The Clippers/ Everything is Meaningless > Tizzy Bac/ It's All My Fault > Fireflowepk彩票r > Dolly's Pillbox/ how are you today? > We Save Strawberries > Bear Babes > 1976/ Still The New Wave Flow > Full House > Orangegrass/ Rainbow 4 AM > Blackpk彩票 Sheep > Kila/ Luna Park > pk彩票Shy Kick Apple > Full House > Telephone Booth/ The Phone Is Ringing > Coach > Maho
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> We Save Strawberries/The Solar System > Ministry/Animositisomina > Doves/ The Last Broadcast > 50 Cent/Get Rich Or Die Tryin' > Oofot/ Secret Rendezvous > Massive Attack/ 100th Window > Tizzy Bac/ Anything Can Tempt Me > Linkin Park/ Meteora > Calla/ Tpk彩票elevise > Radiohead/ Hail to the Thief > BackQuarter/ ROCK TEAM > The Chairman(Kuan Yu)/ The desire to live > Fly to the sun, fly to you
> Megan Dooley > May Hwepk彩票n
> Talented Freya Lim keeps moving forward
> Les Parfums de Paris
> Chris Huskey/ Soldiers, Girls & Nightmares
> Antonio Vivaldi/ The Four Seasons > Summer Lei/ The Light Of Darkness > MoShang
> Monte Wang/ Music. Detective . Monte Wang > Lepk彩票e Ryan/ Lee Ryan > Alanis Morissette/ The Collection > Wind Records/ 2006-Soul to Music > Jing Peng/ Songs of Wanderlust > Ken Hirai/ 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection 95-05 > Jay Chou/ Huo pk彩票 Yuan Chia > Jocie (Mei Mei)/ No More Panic > Jeffrey Michael/ Kaleidoscope > TOTEM/ Over There I Sing > 13 Band/ Silver Sun > A Moving Sound > Hu De Fu, Shiao Mei, Jiang Sheng Ming (Various)/ Beautiful Haiyan > So What/ When We Start Traveling/ Telling You a Story > Rueibin Chen/ The Dream of Cinema > Glory > Wang Hong-en (Biung)/ Battle Dance > Chang Jui-chuan/ Genesis
> Julio Igpk彩票lesias/ Love Songs > V.A (Various Artists)/ Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert > Oliver Shanti/ Circles of Life > DMX Krew/ Collapse of the Wave Function > Jimmy Edgar/ Bounce, Make and Model > Imee Ooi/ Mantras of the Sanskrit, Nilakantha Dharani, Amitabha, Guan Yin Bodhisattva > Huang Xi-Ting/ Aspk彩票k Love > Tori Amos/ The Beekeeper > Meng Ting-Wei/ Red Flower > V.A (Various Artists)/ Real Piano > KT/ Eye to The Telescope > Jem/ Finally Woken > V.A (Various Artists)/ Enchanting Journey From the Ocean > Cin-cin Lee/ Bossa Sweet Orange > Lene Marlin/ Lost in a Mopk彩票ment > Marilyn Scott/ Nightcap
> Stephane Pompougnac/ Living On The Edge > Tupac/ Resurpk彩票rection > Money Worship Lady/ Money Worship Lady > Mr. Eyeball/ Banana Flower > Tom Waits/ Alice > Dragon Brother/ Lonpk彩票g Live > ROYCE DA 5' 9"/ ROCK CITY > Keiko Lee/ Vitamin K > Car5on/ I am knocked over by the graceful wit's end > VA (Various Artists)/ The Music From Beautiful Spain > V.A (Various Artists)/ Total Lounge > Mr. Eypk彩票eball/ Mr. Eyeball > Jack Johnson/ On and On > V.A (Variopk彩票us Artists)/ Bird Up! The Charlie Parker Remix Project > Della/ Jingo Records has released the Della Spiritual Beauty Music Therapy Compilation - Musical Time Capsule > Seal/ Seal Best-1991-2004 > Laurpk彩票a Pausini/ Escucha > Kylie Minogue/ ULTIMATE KYLIE
> Robbie Williams/ Escapology > cia cia/her sheen way > Chen Jian-nian (Paudull)/ Mother Earth > oves/ The Last Broadcast > Pao/ Transcend > Fan Zong-Pei/ Crystal Boys original soundtrack > Norah Jones/ Come Away With Me > Mattew Lien/ Unicorn > Firefly/ It's Summer Time > Wasted Love/ Xiao An > V.A (Various Artists)/ Shanghai Lounge > Tanya/ Spk彩票tranger > 78 BPM/ Red Moon > V.A (Various Artists)/ Chill Lounge In Taipei > V.A (Various Artists)/ The Sound Of Mzee > BRAVE 20 - a movie soundtrack/ Luantan Ascent > Yo Yo Ma/ Obrigado Brazil > Mihumisang/ David Garling and Wuru Bunun Tribe > Four Tet/Rounds > Yu Er Fei Wen/ Thundering Queen > Faye Wong/ Will Love > Chet Baker/ Best of Baker Sings > FUKAI/ JP-JUICE
Musical Events:

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> The Best of 2007: Music in Review > 2008 Taichung Jazz Festival Headliners Series: Trio 3 > 2008 Taichung Jazz Festival Headliners Series: The Saskia Laroo Band > 2008 Taichung Jazz Festival Headliners Series: Slide Hampton > Love Love Rock - Camping-Music Festival
> Join Us! LIVE MUSIC AND MORE > New Location, New Look, Same Cool Vibe: WombBloc Arts > Unrivalled mix of global, local jazz talent descends on the Taichung Jazz Festival
> Sheila Jordan wraps up Taichung Jazz Fest with class > Taipei Gets the Blues
> Scott Ezell/ Ocean Hieroglyphics > Uncut > Paste > Is this music? > Copper Press


2002.10 2002.11 2002.12
A-Mei/ Fever / Hwa-Na
Avril Lavigne/ Let Go / BMG
Ikko Kawai / Red Violin / Jingo
Chien-Nien Chen / Mother Earth / Taiwan Colors Music
Dong Yun-chang/ At the 33th Street Corner/ Wind
Kit Chen/ Dream Scape/ Ocean Butterflies
Beck / Sea Change / Universal
Suede/ A New Morning / Spk彩票ony
Foo Fighters/ One Bpk彩票y One/ BMG
Chang Yu-wei/How to Get Thropk彩票ugh Tomorrow / Wind records
Bjork/ Greatest Hits/ Universal Music
Valen Hsu/ Blossom/VIGRIN
2002.07 20pk彩票02.08 2002.09

Karen Mok/[i]
Samingad/Wild Fire, Spring Wind
Wu Bai & China Blue/Dream River
Piano Solo/Days in a Green Hill
The Legendary Jazz Divas 3

Chiang Mei Chi / Once Again
Captain Peanut / Oh My God!
The pk彩票 Stories of VuVu
Soul Mates / Danny Wright
Elizabeth Naccarato/Jarrell's Cove

Yiruma / First Love / Wind Record
Chairman / Eleven Tai / Plum Music
Chen Chi Jen / Guitarist, Groupies / Magic Stone
Vanness Wu / Body Can Sing / Sony Music
2002.04 2002.05 2002.06
Dai Ai-ling/Magic
Anarchy In Taiwan
Sammi Cheng/Giving Up
  Gregor Theelen/Music for Friends of the Whales
"Goodbye pk彩票 Firefly" Original Soundtrack/Scarecrow
Josh Groban
2002.01 2002.02 2002.03
Shaun Yung/Shaun
Wu Judy Chin-tai/In Love with Hot Springs
Chang Hui-mei (A-Mei)/Jen Shih (Truth)
Balpk彩票lycotton/A La Cut

Lin Hai/Moonlight Frontier
Macy Gray/The Id
Shunza/Dear Shunza

Li Tai-hsiang/Since the Time I Met You
Jasmine Leung (Liang Ching-ju)/Sunrise
Jacky Chan/I Really Tried


20pk彩票01.10 2001.11 2001.12
Zhang Wei-lipk彩票ang/Tea Drops
Chris Yu/Subway
F4/ Meteor Rain
Dan Nakamura/Gorillaz

Kenneth Kuo/The Memories of Boom-Mi-Pon
Mathew Lien/In So Many Words
Emil Chau Wah Kin/Wang Yiu Tsao
Jacky Cheung/Jacky Fever

Natalie Cole/The Magic of Christmas
The Many Moods of Christmas
Tidings of Joy/EverSound
2001.07 2001.08 2001.09
Li Ming/The Red Shoes
Ron Korb/Celtic Heartland
Air/Moon safari
Charles Mingus/Ah Um

Angel Ho/Love
4 In Love/Who's Afraid of Who?
Buena Vista Social Club
2001.04 2001.05 2001.06
At the Drive-In/Relationship of Command
Macy Gray/On How Life Is
Radiohead/Kid A
Shunza/Yesterday. One. More
Tanya/I Do Believe
The Unforgettable Teng Li-Jun
Transglobal Underground/Rejoice, Rejoice
Yang Nai-Wen/About a Woman's Self-Awareness
Jets to Brazil/Orange Rhyming Dictionary
2001.01 2001.02 2001.03
Fishbone & the Familyhood Nextperience
Gigi Leung/Transparent
Hybrid Wide Angle
Finley Quaye
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